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Who Owns a Property

If you are fascinated with a particular home, or admire a historical piece of property in your neighborhood, you may wonder how you can find out who owns a property. While finding out who owns a property is not difficult, it does take a bit of time and research on your end. If you admire a home in your neighborhood, or have had you eye on a piece of land or house and want to purchase it, you will need to figure out who owns the property before you can approach them with an offer.  While knocking on their door and introducing yourself may seem like a great idea, it is probably better to approach the situation by finding out who the owner is and giving them a call.

You can begin your search to find who owns a property in a number of ways.  You can hire a title search company to do the work for you, you can do some research on your own through the internet, or you can find the information at the county clerk’s office.
Employing a title search company costs money, but it the quickest and easiest way to obtain the information such as who owns a property and how you can contact them.  Title search companies are experienced in finding out who owns the property you have your eye on as well as contact information.

Title search companies can do a chain of title search, which tracks all prior owners, as well as a current owner search.  If you decide to hire a title search company, be prepared to spend $50-$150.00 depending on the services and how quickly you need the results.  The title search company will be able to provide you with every piece of information you need to find out who owns a property and how to contact them. If you decide to do research on your own through the internet, start simply by going to a search engine tool and typing in the address of the property.  You may find that you get a lot of information on who owns a property, and you may need to spend some time sifting through a lot of useless information.  You may find that the information appears quickly and easily if the owner is well known, or the house has a lot of historical value.

If you do find the name and number of who owns a property, your next step is to track the person by finding out their telephone number.   Simply type in their name and see if any work or personal information appears, or you may have to do some deeper digging.  If you have a white pages handy, look up them in the book or on an online phonebook system. If you have no luck with finding out who owns a property through the internet, you are will be able to find out who owns a property at the local county clerk’s office where the home is located.  Explain to the clerk that you wish to find out who owns a property by address, and they will point you in the right direction.  Property records and information are public domain, and you should be able to search and find the information you want without any issues.

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