Who owned My House

If you are in the process of purchasing a piece of property or have recently moved in to a new home, you may wonder “who owned my house before me?”  You may have discovered documents or family items that were left behind in the move, and perhaps you want to find the rightful owner.  Maybe you stumbled across family heirlooms in the attic or items that you feel may have sentimental value to the prior owner.  Whatever you reasons are, not matter how insignificant or important, your search begins with property records.

Property records are public information, and when looking to find who owned my house, I came across a couple of options.  If you have never done this type of search before, you may think it will be a difficult process, but because the records are available to all that request them, it is quite easy. Your first option is to begin on the internet and perform a simple reverse address look up.  Simply type in the address of the property and see if any information pops up.  You may find that the owner is well known in your community or perhaps is listed in some sort of directory.

If only the name of the owner comes up and not any contact information, search the owners name and address in a search engine and see what you can find.  If you have only the owner’s last name, try looking in your local white pages for a contact phone number. Another way to find out who owned my house is to hire a title search company.  A title search company can find the owner information for a small fee by performing a basic search of property records.  The title search company can usually give you an answer in a day or so, and can be hired through the internet.

There are hundreds of title search companies available both on and off the internet, so simply type “title search companies” in you search bar and contact one that comes up.  Give them a call and tell them you want to know who owned my house before me, and they should provide you a price and turnaround time. If you prefer to do your own search, give your local tax assessor’s office a call.  When I began my search to find who owned my house before me, I found my local tax assessors information in both the white pages and through their online website.  Many times, this information is located on a county webpage or can be found through a search engine by typing in the county along with “tax assessors” office.  Give the local office a call and ask them what steps you need to take to find out who owned my house in the past.

The tax assessor office may be able to give you the information you need over the phone such as the owners name, current address and phone number, or they may request you come down to the office and do it yourself.  Before you head down to your local office and begin your search, make sure you have all the proper information.  I went to my local office prepared to find out who owned my house bringing all relevant information such as the correct address and zip code.

Approach a clerk at the office and explain to them that you want to find out who owned my house before I did, and they should lead you in the right direction. You should be able to find the proper information within a few minutes.  Your property search should not be difficult if you arrive prepared.  Once you’ve been instructed on where to look, simply search the records by address and you should find the prior owners name, address and telephone number.

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