Who Bought the House

If you live in a home that has been in your family for generations and want to learn more information about the property, you may find that property records will come in handy when deciphering who bought the house your family has owned for generations. Property records are great for finding previous owners or builders.  If you live in a home that has been in your family and you want to know what relative originally bought the house or land it sits on, you can find this information and your local tax assessor’s office.  If you’re family home has been sold or relatives moved away from home, you can find the current owners and find who bought the house when it left your families hands.

Building a family tree or researching your ancestry is a great way to build or leave a family legacy.  If you don’t know where to start, take some time and make a visit to your local property records department or tax assessor’s office.  These places are available for public use, and all information is available to anyone that requests it.  Explain to the clerk that you want to research a particular home to find out who bought the house originally or recently.

The clerk or assistant at the tax assessor office may lead to you to hard copy files, or simply direct you to a computer where the information is stored.  You will be able to search documents by property or land address and find all the information you are looking for. If you are trying to search for the original owner or family member who bought the house originally, all the information should be available on the assessor roll.  It will also have dates, names and addresses of all prior owners.

If you are looking to find the current owner who bought the house, their name should be listed as well as the names of any buyers, sellers or transfers of the home.  There may be a contact number listed for the current owner who bought the house, as well as any taxes owed on the property. If you are looking to contact the person who bought the house and there is no contact phone number, you should be able to look up their name and number in the white pages.

If they are not listed, trying doing a search on the internet by typing in their name, or do an address search through a search engine on your computer. One you have found the current owner who bought the house, contact them and explain your reasons for tracking them down and ask them if they can provide you any information about the home.  You may find that they are willing to aid in your family research and will be open with you about the property.

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