Tips to find the house owners

If you have a love for a particular house, or your next door neighbor just happens to be a group of loud students renting a home and you wish to find the owner, there are a few tips to find the house owners you can use to ensure that you find the owner accurately and quickly.
Tips to find the house owners before beginning your search
•    Verify the correct address, zip code and town/city name of the home
•    Call your local county clerk’s office and ask if they have property records available online
•    Contact a title search company and ask them about their pricing and services
Once you have gathered the appropriate information such as if the information is available online or not, you are ready to find the owner using more tips to find the house owners.

If the county clerk’s office informs you that the information is available online, ask them for the correct website and if they have any tips to find the house owners that they can give you.  Pull up the county clerk’s website on your web browser, and begin searching for the home owner by address.  Once you have the information in front of you, print it out or take notes so that you can do some further research online.  While the website may give you the name of the owner, you may need to take further steps or tips to find the house owners.

The property records online will show all past and current owners, so be sure to take notes of the current owner only.  You do not want to end up contacting someone who owned the home 20 years ago as that won’t get you anywhere.  While some public records may have a phone number of the owner, there is no way to verify how old the number is or if it is in service.  Your next tip to find the house owners is to do a phone number search. A phone number search can be done online or through your white pages.  Once you have the name of the owner, try looking them up in the white pages.  If they are not listed, they may not live within town or their telephone number may be unlisted.

If this happens, you need to do some more work on the internet.  Try searching their name with a search engine, or do a reverse address lookup and try to find their phone number. If you have tried these tips to find the house owners without any luck, or simply don’t have the time, you can hire a title search company to do the work for you for a small fee.  Title search companies specialize in finding current home owners or prior owners regardless of where they live.  All you need to do is provide the correct address to the title company, and if you have a name that works too. Using quick tips to find the house owners you wish to contact can help you in your search to resolve what issue you may with the home owner, if any.  Be sure to always have the correct information on hand or you may find that you come up empty handed without any information at all.

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