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Search House Records

A deed is a legal document that is used to prove the transfer of ownership of a piece of property or land.  If you are in the process of learning about the history of your home, you should search house records for deeds, title information and previous owners. You can begin to search house records by contacting your local tax assessor or county clerk’s office.  These offices are available to the public and all records are of public domain.  Inform the clerk that you want to search house records and the chain of title.  The chain of title is a list of all the property owners in succession of purchase and sale.  You will then begin to see how many people have owned the home, whether it is 15 owners or 2.

If you are conducting research or wish to search house records for historical information, it is likely that you will be able to find all pertinent information in one place.  If you are researching a very old home or piece of property, you may find historical information at your local library.  Photographs, old building permits, maps and architectural plans may all be housed and preserved at the library or historical societies. If you are in need to search house records for more formal reasons such a buying a piece of land or property, it is recommended that you employ the services of a professional title search company specializing in the search of house records, deeds or titles.

While you may find that you enjoy the task to search house records and find it entertaining, it is important to note that for legal purposes, you should not do the searching on your own if it is related to the buying, selling, or transfer of the property. The chain of title and deeds must be verified and validated before one can purchase a home, as it is necessary to make sure there aren’t any liens or issues with the property.  A title company can be hired through the internet to search house records, or you can ask for a referral from your real estate agent.  These companies are experienced in doing title searches to ensure that the property can be sold without any issues or strings attached.  They search house records to ensure that the property has not been willed or given to a family member, child, neighbor or friend.

Title search companies charge a small fee for their services, but they typically provide a quick turnaround time.  Title search companies can also be hired to perform informal searches as well if you so desire, and may be able to dig deeper to find information not readily available at your fingertips. Regardless if you want to search house records for your own research, or need to do it for legal reasons, it is important to have the correct and proper addresses.  Remember that older homes may not have the same street number they did 75 years ago, so it is imperative that you double check all information before you begin your search.

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