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Many people have a variety of reasons for finding property records and looking for previous or current owners of homes.  While many searches may begin at the county clerk’s office, a lot of searches can be done by finding property records online. Many towns and counties have begun to provide residents access to property records online.  Finding these records online give users the unique opportunity to search properties out of their range, in other town, cities and states.

If you have a need to search property records online, begin by finding the county or town website in which you wish to search.  If you are unsure of the homes location, you can use a search engine to find out what county or city the property lies within.  Armed with this information, you are now able to search property records online. Begin your search by finding the tab on the county website that says either “property records search”, “tax assessor’s office” or “assessor rolls”.  These assessor offices and rolls are function of the county.  Employees of the county are hired to evaluate the properties in the area and verify the names and addresses of the owners; they then input this information into “assessor rolls” which allow residents and others to view the information.

Once you’ve identified the particular area to begin your search, click on the tab or link and begin your search.  You will be asked to provide the address of the property or home you wish to search.  If you are researching an older home, it is important to know that addresses may change over decades of time, so be sure to have the correct house number.  Type in the address of the property, hit search and you will be able to view all the information.  Facts like the current owners, prior owners, any transfers, deeds and if the property owes taxes or liens will be identified to you.  If you are looking to purchase the property to buy, it is important to know if there are any liens on the property, if so, it may be difficult to purchase until the liens have been cleared up.

If you find that you do not want to do the research on your own, there are numerous companies’ online offering property records online for a fee.  These companies are typically title companies and can do the searches for you for $50.00-$150.00.  Utilizing these title search companies is smart if you’re looking to purchase a property, but if you are doing informal research there is no need for you to pay someone else. Searching property records online does require some digging on your part, but it is much easier if you provide accurate information the first time.

Finding property records online can be a great help to you if you’re looking to search a property out of town or in another state.  If your county or the area you wish to search property records online does not have a website for you to find this information, give them a call and explain to them that you live out of town and would like this information.  It is possible they can fax or provide it to you without you having to go down to the office and do the research yourself.

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