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Property Ownership Records

Searching property ownership records is not difficult, but may require a bit of patience and research on your part.  Whether you intend to find property ownership records for informal purposes such as conducting a family tree or more serious inquiries for real estate purposes, you can begin your search online. Your first step to discovering property ownership records is to find the website of the county of which you choose to research.  If you are unsure of the county, look up the city or zip code and search the county through the provided information.

Once you find the county website, search for the page that lists tax assessments or the property appraisal department.  Enter in the address of the property, and the property owner information should appear with a name and address.   Most county’s list property records online, so you should be able to find them without difficulty.  If you cannot find the property ownership records online, try calling your county’s tax or appraisal office.  All of the information is a matter of public record, so you should not have difficulty getting the proper information.

If you are searching property ownership records for a vacant piece of land, you may need to take a trip to your local library or county office.  If the vacant land has no address, search the surrounding area for a possible address.  Once you arrive at your county office and meet with the Recorder of Deeds, you should supply the estimated address and ask for the property ownership records. If you cannot obtain the property ownership records you need through a county search, trying doing a reverse address lookup by typing in the name of the address into an address site engine website.  You may get lucky and the owners name will appear.  If this fails, you can employ the services of a title search company to obtain the information.

If you are looking for basic information such as the name of the current owner, title search companies on the internet can process the information you have such as the address and give you the name of the current owner for a fee.  These fees are affordable and will provide you peace of mind as these individuals are experienced individuals in this field.  If you are looking for more information beyond a name, title search companies can provide you with complete property search records.  These records are necessary before purchasing a home and can determine if a property is in foreclosure, willed or deeded to another or find information if there are existing liens on the property.  Property ownership records should contain all of the recorded data associated with a particular piece of property including previous owners and sales.

Hiring a professional title company to obtain property ownership records can greatly increase your chances of obtaining accurate property ownership records that are necessary when purchasing a home.  While you can search property records on your own, it is best done for informal purposes only.  Professionals should be contracted to perform these procedures as there are many legalities and guidelines that must be followed when obtaining proper information.

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