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How to Find Property Ownership

If for whatever reason you need to find the owner of a particular home, but don’t know where to start, you could be left wondering how to find property ownership.  While it may seem like a rather large task to begin, it is quite simple if you have all the correct information you will need when you begin your search. Your first step on how to find property ownership is to find the address of the property.  While this may seem simple, it is important to remember that city and town lines are invisible, so you need to make sure you have the correct zip code and town.  Don’t guess.

If you are unsure, do a simple search on the internet for the correct zip code by searching the address in a search engine.  This search should take you no longer than 30 seconds. Secondly, give your county clerk’s office, (or the county clerk office where the property is located) a call.  Explain to them that you need help with information on how to find property ownership records and ask them if this information is available online.  Many counties have begun to publish this information online for residents who wish to find this information.  If the information is online, you are in luck!  The clerk will advise you of the web address, and you can then begin your search by typing in the address of the property.

If you need assistance on how to find property ownership and this information is not available on the internet, the county clerk’s office will tell you to either come into the office to find the owners, or give you the information of the person over the phone.  Property ownership is public domain, and anyone who seeks the information is allowed to view or find it. If you have not been given the desired information over the phone and have been asked to do the research yourself, explain to the clerk that you need assistance on how to find property ownership.

Go down to the county clerk’s office where the property is located and you will be assisted on how to find property ownership.  Your search begins with a simple address search, and all the information will be available to you.  The current owners name and well as all prior owners will be listed along with any additional information such as purchases, sales and transfers of the property.  If you are looking for a deed, you should be able to find this information by either the property address or name of the person.

If you find that you do not have the time or know how to find property ownership records, you can hire a title search company to do the leg work for you.  A title search company is experienced and professional in how to find property ownership, and their services are available for a small fee.    You can find numerous title search companies both online and in the yellow pages, or you can get a referral from your real estate agent.  The title search company will be able to provide you with a vast listing of all the prior and current owners, as well as a name, address and contact number if available.

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