How to Check the House

If you’re an inquisitive individual trying to find out the history of a past or current home, it is helpful if you know all the tips and tricks on how to check the house for hidden clues or information on its past. If you are looking for a past owner or current owner of a home, it is not difficult to figure out how to check the house and its history by searching property records.  Property records are a matter of public domain, which means anyone who wishes to find certain information on a home is allowed to do so by law.  This information can be found in the county clerk’s office, tax assessor’s office, or even online in some counties.

If you want to know how to check the house for more historical data not necessarily found in an office, begin by searching the home.  Many older homes were insulated with newspapers, and perhaps some of this insulation can be found in the attic.  By no means should you tear the home apart, but storage areas like an attic or basement can provide clues about the home.    By finding dated newspapers or items that were popular when the home was built can help you to figure out how to check the house for historical data.

You may come across the name of individual or even old pictures of the home that can lead you to more information.
If you want to know how to check the house for prior are owners, take a trip to your local county clerk’s office.  The country clerk’s office has a listing of all property records, and these records are available to you free of charge.  Explain to the clerk that you’d like to know how to check the house for past owners and history, and they will lead you to the files.  These files may be automated on a computer, but you may need to search hard copies as well.

Once you have located the address of the property in the files, you are now able to view all past owners.  You may come across a blueprint for the home, or even old information about the original owners.  This information can be very interesting, especially if you are doing particular research on the home.  You may even come across the original deed and construction papers showing the original date the home was built and by whom.

If you want to know how to check the house for more official reasons such as purchasing property, it may be in your best interest to hire a title search company.  When a buyer wants to build or buy property, there are certain legal guidelines that must be followed to protect both buyers and sellers from error and hardships.  Title search companies are experienced in how to check the house for any tax liens, foreclosures, willed property or any other issues that may prevent a buyer from purchasing a piece of property. If your desire is to know how to check the house for purely informal reasons or for research, by all means do the research on your own.  If your reasons are for buying, selling or building a home, it is imperative that you contact a title search company to do the research for you.

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