House Title Search

Before purchasing property or a home, there are numerous legalities and procedures that must be met and performed.  One of these legalities is a house title search.  A house title search can be performed by an individual, but it is recommended to enlist a professional title company to ensure that proper guidelines and legalities are met. Purchasing a property or piece of land can be an exciting but complicated process and so it is imperative that buyers become familiar with all the back end procedures that occur before purchasing.

The house title search is a necessary aspect of purchasing property.  A house title search ensures the buyer that the property they desire has not been willed or given to a previous buyer’s child, sibling, spouse or friend.  The title search also ensures that there aren’t any liens on the property, and if they are, that they can be settled. Individuals who decide to do a house title search on their own need to be familiar with certain aspects of the law so that they follow the necessary guidelines and legalities.  In essence, the house title search must be completed to confirm that each transfer and sale of the property in the past has been validated.  In order to do this, the individual must track each and every land record as well as the chain of title and ownership.

Hiring a professional house title search to complete the search for you is recommended.  The house title search company will take all the necessary steps such as tracking the land, validating past transfers and sales, and will find and fix any gaps or inaccurate information recorded about the property.  The house title search company will also track any liens on the property and determine if they are still active.  Since there are certain statutes of limitations concerning liens, the title search company will be able to determine if the liens are valid or if they can be released.

If you are looking to purchase a foreclosed home, a title search is also necessary to determine the foreclosed homes’ validity.  The chain of title will need to be verified by the title company to ensure that the foreclosed home may be sold. If you are performing a house title search on your own for more informal reasons, there are several methods that may be used.  An individual can obtain house title search information from local and county land offices and track previous owners.  Curious parties can also use the internet and public records to determine certain information about previous owners and house title searches.

It is imperative that individuals who purchase a home or property hire a professional experienced house title search company to perform the title search.  Professional title search companies will ease the minds of buyers by making sure all legalities and guidelines are met for verifying a house title search.  Verifying and validating any deeds, liens, mortgages and foreclosures on a property is absolutely necessary during the property purchase process and can be completed by completed a thorough house title search.

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