Home Title Search

Before you begin your home title search, it is important to become informed on what a home title is and what it is used for.  A home title is a record of property ownership and the law protects the home title thus making it making it illegal for an unknown party or persons to claim someone else’s property.  New home purchases are a long and daunting process, so in order to ensure a homebuyer has the right to buy and eventually resell a property, the home title search is performed by a title company before the house sale is made.

The home title search is an arduous but necessary procedure that closely examines the title and looks for any liens that may exist against the property.  The home title search ensures that the property has not been willed or given to a child, sibling, spouse or friend.  It also ensures that the city or town does not have legal rights to the property such as city construction or rezoning permits. If you want to do informal research on your own on the history of your own property or another home or piece of property, you can do it through the local land records office.

The local land records office should be able to assist you in an informal home title search. To complete a home title search for legal purposes, you must track back the land records to determine and confirm the validity of each transfer and sale of the property.  This procedure can get complicated and confusing, and that is why home title search companies are typically employed to perform this work. The home title search company will track and confirm the properties past transfers and sales, and will find and explain any gaps or misinformation recorded about the property.  This process can prove to be difficult for a singular person, as each previous owner would need to be tracked in the ‘grantor index’ to decipher what may have happened to the land while they owned it.

The home title search company will also track any liens on the property as well as determine if they are still active as there is a statute of limitations regarding liens.  It is imperative to work with a professional home title search company who is experienced, so that you can determine if there is a valid release of the lien or if you are in for more work. A home title search is also necessary when determining the validity of a foreclosed home.  If you wish to purchase a foreclosed property, the chain of title will need to be verified to ensure the property may be sold.

Completing a thorough home title search is an absolute necessity that must be performed.  While individuals may perform the home title search on their own, it is recommended that they employ the services of a professional and experienced title search company.  These companies will be able to verify all deeds, liens, mortgages and foreclosures of a property in a timely and legal manner.  Hiring a home title search company to complete the process is highly recommended to ensure the search is completed fully and legally.

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