Find out Who Owns the House

There are numerous reasons why one may begin a search on trying to find out who owns the house they show interest in.  It may be that you have an issue with the property and need to contact the property owner.  Perhaps you are looking to trace a relative or friends, or maybe you even have certain rights to the land where the property stands.  Whatever your reasons are to find out who owns the house, your search begins with property records.

Before you head to your local town hall or courthouse, it is important to figure out the exact address of the property.  While this may seem like a simple task, it is important to realize that two properties down the street from one another can have different zip codes or town/city addresses.  If you do not have the legal and correct address, you may face difficulty when trying to find out who owns the house. Once you have the proper address, take a trip to the local tax assessor’s office for where the property is located.

The tax assessor’s office is typically located in the local town hall or county courthouse, but can vary depending on the town or city.
All property and land records are public information, and recorded on a list called an “assessment roll” or “assessors roll”.  These lists are compiled by tax assessors and are available in both hard copy or on a computer database.  Once you have the address of the property, take this information to your local office and you will be instructed on how to look up the information on either the computer or paper form.

You can easily find out who owns the house or property by searching the address and obtaining the name, mailing address, phone number and what type of ownership rights the property owner possesses.  There may also be additional information listed such as others owners, the type of house or property, land information and the amount of taxes owed.  If multiple people own the house, you will be able to view this information as well. If you are searching for historical information to find out who owned the house prior to the current owner, the assessor roll will have all records of buyers, sellers and transfers of the property.

You may also request to view the deed to the home as well, because like tax records this information is of public record. While the information to find out who owns the house is available at your local government offices, much of the information is available online and you may be able to find the information from your own home.  Many agencies have begun to develop database programs that allow users to search public information records from their own homes.  If you know that your town offers this information online, simply find in website and begin your search there.  If you are unsure if your town has this type of program, give your local office a call before you make the trip.

You may find that they can give you the information over the phone without you having to make a stop at the assessor’s office. If you have begun your search to find out who owns the house, you may find that it does require some digging on your part.  There may have been many owners, or perhaps the property has been vacant for some time.  Gathering the information to find out who owns the house or property you are searching is out there, it just takes some time on your part.

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